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A beautiful home showing a sample exterior paint job by SGProPainting.com

Exterior Painting

We understand that your home is an incredible investment, and because of that you want (and deserve) the very best when it comes to the products and services that can protect and beautify your property. Just as you take pride in your home, we take pride in our work! Both your pride in ownership and our pride in craftsmanship inspire us to offer a wide variety of quality exterior services and products, expertly-applied in an efficient, hassle-free way.

Sample of an interior paint job by SGProPainting.com

Interior Painting

When we are painting your home, we take extra special care of your property. The paint is only applied to the proper surfaces and not to the floors, furnishings or pets. You will not hear loud music playing, lots of talking, or see a messy job site. Instead, you will see a professional staff of painters who will properly prepare the surfaces for paint removal first, cover the areas they are not painting, thoroughly clean up each day and paint according to the best paint industry standards.

Shows a full kitchen cabinet renovation paint job by SGProPainting.com

Cabinet Painting

There is no better way to transform your kitchen. We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes, and can make the exact look you have in mind come to life right in your home.

Sample of a modern back yard deck paint job by SGProPainting.com--the best in the business.

Deck Painting

Whether you have a new deck that needs painting or an older deck that needs refreshing, SG Pro Painting company is fully equipped to get the job done right. With thorough preparation (including stripping, sanding and application of premium products) we can ensure beautiful and lasting results. If your deck needs to be stained or refinished, our company also provides quality staining and restoration services. We can match stain colors and provide you with just the right products to refurbish and protect your deck from the elements.

An image depicting faux finishing paint jobs for a family room.

Decorative Faux Finish

Are you looking for a way to go a step beyond traditional interior painting? Maybe you want to achieve a certain style that is totally custom, whether it be sophisticated and elegant, a little more daring, or simply stunning.

Have you considered using a faux or decorative technique? These methods are an art all in themselves, using texture, motion, and colors to create a one-of-a-kind finish. From replicating the appearance of stone or brick to adding other beautiful textures, SG Pro Painting Company has the skills, training, tools, and experience to create a truly unique look with an expert hand.

We offer a color consultation service to assist you in choosing the right product for your project. By SGProPainting.com

Color Consultation

Choosing colors for your home is definitely a creative process. There are practically countless options to choose from, and it can be a lot of fun to paint your world with those colors that really represent you, your personality, and your tastes. Selecting just the right colors for your interior or exterior paint should, however, also be done strategically. To name just a few of its powers, your decision can make a space feel larger, smaller, more formal, informal, and either accentuate or minimize an architectural feature of your home. As an additional, complimentary service for our existing clients, we can help with the color selection process. We do this by providing guidance when needed, offering a fresh and experienced perspective.